Affiliate Marketing Methods & Education

When it comes to affiliate marketing, or marketing in general for that matter, there are really only two steps involved in the entire process:

  1. generating leads
  2. converting those leads into customers

This may seem like an oversimplification, but if you take a good hard look at things, that’s really all that’s involved. Every method used to generate traffic, from list-building, to PPC and even social networking, all focus on gathering leads. Where you’re sending those leads, be it to a squeeze page or directly to the product; that is attempt at conversion.

Here, we share with you the product of our extensive experience. We’ve researched all the best methods in lead generation and conversion, as well as some tools that we believe can help streamline the process. Work smarter, not harder.

We’re presenting this as a guide so that novice marketers can learn all the steps in the process. Navigation to the previous step and next step will be available at the bottom of each page. However, if there’s something specific that you’re interested in getting to right away, you can use the normal navigation links at the top and side of each page.

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