Capturing Leads

Many affiliates have had great success in simply driving traffic directly to product landing pages via their affiliate links. However, the simple fact of the matter is that most leads, even the most motivated, will not purchase a product at first sight. For this reason, it is important that you somehow capture that lead’s contact information so that you can continue to market the product to that person, in the hopes that you can convince them to become a paying customer. The best way of doing this is to offer leads something for free in return for this information.

  • Free Reports – Offering a free report in return for opting in to a mailing list is the most popular method of capturing a lead. These reports typically will be in the form of an ebook, but we’ve seen videos and email series offered as well. If you don’t want to take the time to create your own, you could either buy PLR material, or hop on over to Viral Ebook Explosion to get your own branded ebooks for free.
  • Free Membership Sites – Setting up a membership site tends to be a lot more work than simply offering a free report, but they are often a much more powerful selling tool overall. You can make a one-time offer of additional content or materials when leads sign up, and you can cross-promote other affiliate links on login/logout pages and other places throughout the site. Putting the work extra work into setting up a good membership site sounds more difficult than it really is, however. If you want more information on how to establish your own membership site, get a copy of Membership Gold Rush.

Set up an Autoresponder

Now that you have a way to draw your lead in, you need a way to automatically capture their information so you can later periodically remind them via email and convert them. The software that accomplishes this is a specialized mailing list software called an autoresponder. The granddaddy of autoresponders most popular with affiliate marketers is Aweber. If you’re new and need to start off small, there are alternatives. MailChimp offers flexible pay-as-you-go plans, and there is no charge for lists of up to 100 subscribers. If you have your own WordPress blog, [GWA] Autoresponder is a free option; however, a hosted option is still preferable, since web hosting accounts typically limit the amount of email that is allowed to be sent out from their servers.

Once your autoresponder is set up and you have something to entice your leads that will make them willing to divulge their contact information, you need to set up a web page to collect this information. If you are running a free membership site, mailing list opt-in can be integrated so that when a lead registers, their information is automatically loaded into your autoresponder. If you’re giving away an ebook or video report, you can place the opt-in signup form on your blog, or you can create a squeeze page. A squeeze page is a simple one page website that pitches the freebie that you’re giving away and the opt-in form for you autoresponder. Instant Squeeze Page Generator is a free tool that can help you create a high-converting squeeze page easily with a couple clicks.

If all this talk about setting up websites and autoresponders sounds complicated, you have a couple options. You can outsource all the work, and our parent company Rana Systems is available to help. Another option is to check out Clickbank Pirate. They do all the work of creating a product to give away, set up a squeeze page and handle the autoresponder. All you have to do is drive traffic to the squeeze pages they give you, and they even help with that.

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